Self-Development Workshop! (October)

Self-Development Workshop! (October)

Welcome To The Self-Development Workshop Of October!
Join me and a small group of 5-10 other men in the Self-Development Workshop of October! A 4 week intensive online experience like no other. In this workshop learn how to become Self-Developed by transforming your physical/mental & emotional health through learning all on fitness, nutrition, nofap, intermittent fasting, meditation, & more. Then learn how to dramatically improve your relationships through understanding proper sexual dynamics by mastering masculinity/femininity psychology & how they work together. Finally learn how to identify your own passion/purpose and share it to the world in a meaningful, fruitful way via social media and more. I'll see you all inside & I can't wait to begin!

4 One Hour Livestream Calls Completely Private To Us! Recorded Each Sunday At 12:00 pm EST.

Private Facebook Group For Unlimited Messaging, Support, Updates & More! Only Native To Us.

Recorded Video Calls For Lifetime Access & Enjoyment. Watch As Many Times As You Please!

Learn From Me.

Hey! I'm David, a Self-Development expert with near a decade of experience under my belt. I've focused my life on mastering 4 main areas and these are: My Health, Relationships, finding my Passion/Purpose and best serving it to the World. This is what I call "The 4 Areas Of Growth" & I'm excited to now share it with you.

  • Have Coached Thousands Of Men From Around The World Of All Ages, Backgrounds & Upbringing.
  • Over 10 Years Of Experience Building Myself Up Physically, Mentally, Emotionally & Financially.
  • Over 200,000+ Men Learning & Growing Everyday From My Content/Value/Expertise.

What You Will Learn From This Workshop!

  • ​​Fitness - I will teach you everything on how to properly utilize fitness into your lifestyle. Learn proper rep ranges, sets, exercises, routines & more. I will create you a custom workout program with 70+ recorded exercise demonstrations to teach you exactly how to perform each movement.
  • ​​Nutrition - I will teach you everything on proper nutrition. Going over macronutrients, micronutrients, supplements, water intake and more. I will also teach you exactly how to utilize intermittent fasting with intuitive eating to speed up muscle gain/fat loss progress as well as eat the foods you love/enjoy.
  • ​​Nofap/Meditation/Cold Showers & More - I will teach you exactly how to properly utilize meditation, cold showers & nofap. I will walk you through each practice to ensure you fully understand how to execute each to boost testosterone, women attraction, mental clarity and overall happiness. 
  • Women Attraction - I will teach you exactly how to attract beautiful women into your life by deeply understanding the dynamics on masculinity and femininity. I will teach you exactly how to improve your innate masculine drive to attract beautiful women of any age with much greater ease. Whether this be a long term relationship or just a 1 night stand, the choice is now yours.
  • ​​Find Passion/Purpose - I will teach you exactly how to find your own desired innate passions/purpose based on what you are naturally gifted at. I will help reveal these passions to you whilst helping you speed up the process of progression to then create an income/impact.
  • Create Income/Impact - I will teach you exactly how to now create an income/impact based off the passion you now have. I will teach you how to properly utilize social media & marketing to create a long lasting personal brand that will help yourself and the ones around you.

Get A Sneak Peak Into The Workshop!

Is This Workshop For Me?
Absolutely! From coaching men ages 15 all the way to 45+, each individual can greatly benefit from the information presented in this workshop. You are no different!
How Long Do I Have Access To This?
This workshop runs throughout the ENTIRE month although because each video session is recorded, the workshop stays with you for a lifetime.
Will This Workshop Be Worth The Money?
Due to me taking on several men at once, the overall price of the workshop is significantly lower. Yes this workshop is worth every penny spent and beyond!


I have had such success with each one of my clients that if you are not 100% satisfied with the information presented, I will give you a full refund of your money. You have my guarantee. 

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